Treat Your Feet Right

Many of us don’t treat our feet as well as we should considering that they are such a vital part of our bodies. Our feet support us and enable us to get from one place to another, which means that they can take a battering from day to day. That’s why we should all start showing our feet some respect.

If you want your feet to be as healthy as possible, here are a few things you can do to treat them right:

Wash Them More Carefully

You should ideally wash your feet every day using soap and a washcloth to ensure that you get right in between each and every toe. Once washed, you will also need to thoroughly dry them with a towel to help prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus that not only looks unsightly but which can cause itching and odors as well as more serious problems.

Treat them to a Spa Day

No, you don’t have to book an expensive appointment at the local spa to treat your feet. Simply invest in a home foot spa and fill it with warm water and Epsom salts, along with a drop or two of your favorite essential oil from perhaps, and treat your feet to a soak a few times a week. If you can’t afford a foot spa, a bowl of warm water will be almost as good at softening your feet’s skin and soothing any aches and pains in that area. Oh, it’ll help to minimize swelling after a long day on your feet too.

Invest in More Comfortable Shoes

One of the worst things you can do to your feet is to regularly force them into shoes that don’t fit right, which pinch or rub and generally cause pain and blisters. Sure, you might love those killer heels, but how do your feet feel after wearing them? If your feet hurt, then it’s a sure sign you should be wearing them only very occasionally. Investing in extremely comfortable shoes like the slipper boots at will ensure that your feet are comfortable no matter how far you walk or how much time you spend on your feet. They also look pretty good, and that is why you should wear them more often than not.

Rotate Your Shoes

On the subject of shoes, whether you’re wearing comfy slippers, summer sandals or killer heels, you should never wear the same pair for two days in a row. If you alternate your shoes daily, you will give them time to air out which will help to prevent foot odor and maintain comfort levels, while also preventing foot infections.

Trim Nails Regularly

If you do not trim your toenails regularly, then you could end up with ingrowing toenails which are extremely painful and which may require surgery. When you’re cutting your toenails, you should take care to cut straight across before rounding off the edges, so that there is no danger of them becoming ingrown that way either.

If you ever experience foot pain, it is a sign that you are doing something wrong. Make the relevant changes and you’ll feel like you’re floating on air no matter how long you’ve been standing!

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  1. When home I prefer to go barefoot, I don't wear the same shoes everyday and I have my nails cut every 3 months, so I think I am doing ok

    1. Great. I, myself, need to take some of my own spa day advice right now!


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