Upcycle Your Life

Often when we craft, we take old things and use them in exciting different ways. These things seem to take on a new life.  Consider doing the same for your way of living.  Are you ready for a lifestyle make over without breaking the bank?  A shift in our priorities can help us see the world in a newer, more meaningful way. 

A Rich Inner Life for a Better World

A change in mindset can help us achieve our true goals and make us better connected to what matters.  Meditation and breathing exercises help relieve stress and anxiety, but even the most mentally strong can benefit from examining their deeper motivations.  Consider asking a question of yourself.  Why are you doing this instead of that?  Why do you have a particular goal?  Why are you stressing out?  With that first superficial answer, ask why again, like an annoying child.  Ask yourself why five times and you'll often uncover a surprising motivator.  Perhaps it was never really your goal, but a reaction to peer pressure or a desire to please your parents.  Whatever your reason, know what drives you to feel more true to your world.

The Best Things in Life Are Free

Once we are free of the pesky expectations of others, we realize we are most satisfied with experiences.  Making things with our own hands, or a hike with friends, is more long lasting to our happiness than shopping or hoarding more things.  Focusing more on experiences ensures our priorities are in line with our spiritual centers.  Not to say there is no value in the material of course.  We all have a baseline of comfort, needs of food, and shelter to maintain, but those who rely on possessions for happiness are in danger of falling into a cycle - working to earn more money, to buy more things, to get away from the stresses of working, to buy more things, and so on. Using resources like the library and free samples online can help break from this cycle.

Reduce, Repurpose, Revive

A reduction in consumption helps the environment. Pare down your belongings to the things you actually use. Take a look at your closet and see what you really wear.  See the rest like the shadow of your past self, so much scrap fabric ready to be made into a hand tied rag rug or stuffed into a cushion.  Those appliances you used once, give away. Those landfill bound bags, repurpose as planters.  When your space is free of the baggage of old expectations we feel similarly uncluttered. Connect to the environment and keep the web of life we are party to in mind. 

A change in mindset can be all you need to make your life a better one.  When we examine our goals, we ensure they truly reflect our interests rather than our fears or the masked desires of our parents.  Letting go of the rat race of consumerism can uplift your spirits. Embracing a simpler lifestyle focused on experience, benefits the environment and makes the world better.

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