Why You Need to be Proactive When Searching for a New Job

The time when you could simply walk into a recruitment office and be matched with a job is over. Today, you’ll need to face several challenges when searching for a new position. First, jobs and technologies are rapidly changing, and the profession you were trained for years ago might not be relevant five years down the line. Second, you have to face increased competition, not only in your local area, but also with remote workers and teams. Below you’ll find a few tips on how to get proactive and find the perfect job faster.

Finding In-Demand Jobs

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The key to securing a long-term career is finding a job that is not likely to be replaced by artificial intelligence, and will be in demand for many years to come. Due to the aging population of the Western world, for example, there is an increasing demand for nurses. Laboratory technicians are, however, being slowly replaced by computer software, and the demand is declining. If you choose to study evidence based nursing you’re likely to have a job for a long time, but manual labor is being threatened by technology.  

Updating Your Qualifications

It is also important that you find out as much as you can about your dream job to improve your chances of getting selected from the pool of applicants. Check the job requirements online, and find a way of standing out. Even if you only complete an IT course online, or improve your communication skills, you will have more to offer than the majority of the applicants. Taking the initiative and learning relevant skills before you would apply for the position will show your future employers that you are serious about the work.

Finding Jobs Not Advertised

A large proportion of the jobs on the market are never advertised, and are filled internally or based on recommendations. If you put the word out there that you are looking for an opportunity, people in the position to make a decision will consider you. If, however, you are waiting for them to approach you, your job will be much harder. To get the job you really want, you will need to put your networking skills to good use.

Planning Your Future

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You also have to research your future career progression opportunities, to make sure that you will not end up doing the same thing for the next thirty or so years. It is not likely that your future employer will tell you that you’re applying for a dead-end job, and this means you have to do the legwork. Talk to people who work in the industry, and draw up your career path for the next five to ten years, and find out what you need to get to where you want to be. If your future employer offers a career progression plan, ask them for more details before you accept the job.

If you would like to make the most out of your job hunting, and secure the job you deserve, it is important that you actively seek opportunities and get yourself ready for the challenges.

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  1. Interesting, not a topic I know anything about since I have been a stay at home mum and now nanna since I got married

    1. You're very blessed to have been able to stay home with your kids. I've been blessed to be able to, too. It is hard to try to get back out there now, though, for me. So these tips come in handy!


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