6 Things You Should Do to Become a Better Version of Yourself

Becoming a better person seems to be on the agenda of many people. This could be because it’s seen as a way to reach your greatest potential as a person as well as live a more fulfilled life. Evolving into a better version of yourself is also a way to live out your purpose and positively impact the people around you. Additionally, it could also mean becoming an influential person in your immediate environment and building a positive reputation. Whatever the case, there are certainly endless positive implications of bettering yourself as an individual, so it’s something that you should work at. In case you’re on the road to self-improvement, this article is going to suggest a few ways that you can become a better version of yourself.

Learn to Love Yourself

One of the first things that you should work on when attempting to become a better version of yourself is loving the fundamentals of who you are. Change is often inevitable, however, there are some fundamental things about you that will never change as they make you the unique person that you are. By identifying and learning to embrace these characteristics, it should help make you more confident in who you are, which is a key part of becoming a better version of yourself. Some ways to learn to love yourself include being willing to feel pain and take responsibility for your feelings, moving into the intent to learn, discovering the false beliefs you have about yourself, and dialoguing with your higher self. Doing these things on a daily basis should help you gradually learn to love who you are as well as forgive yourself for the shortcomings that you may have.  It is critical that you learn to love the core of who you are before being able to move on to the stage of self-improvement.

Work on Your Flaws

As mentioned above, everyone has flaws, so part of loving yourself is acknowledging and accepting that you do. However, there is no harm in making a conscious effort to work on these shortcomings, so that you can be a better person. The first step you should take when attempting to improve your character flaws is actually identifying what they are. This requires you to be honest with yourself, not make excuses, and own up to the areas that you could do better. Once you’ve done this, you should then set a new standard for yourself and decide how you want to begin working on those flaws so that they meet your new standard. This could mean that if you don’t like the fact that you never show up to appointments on time, that you make it a rule to turn up at least twenty minutes earlier to every appointment and take the necessary steps to ensure that happens. Other tips to consider include getting an accountability partner, reading self-development books, as well as trying positive affirmations.

Further Your Education

Becoming a better version of yourself often extends to every area of your life including your career. Although formal education isn’t a prerequisite for success, it can definitely take you a long way and give you a competitive edge depending on what field you venture into. When you take a course that adds value and knowledge, it can help you in several ways including opening doors career-wise, increasing your opportunities, and expanding your knowledge. There are also platforms available such as the Honor Society that can help provide scholarships as well as connect you with people and opportunities that should help you achieve your goals. The key is in always being open to learning as you can never have too much knowledge and there are typically resources available to help you get through.

Give More Often

Another way to become a better version of yourself is by learning how to give more often. You should remember that aside from giving monetarily, there are so many other ways that you can give. For instance, you could opt to volunteer at a charity, to help elderly people, or spend time with people with terminal illnesses at hospitals. There is also the option of giving your intellectual property by helping community-based organizations or offering your expertise to people who need it. Giving has so many benefits which include helping contribute to the greater good in society, lowering the risk of early death, making your marriage stronger if you’re in one, promoting mental health, and boosting your happiness at work. This means that in the process of giving to others, you’re also simultaneously improving your own quality of life.

Let go of the Past

One of many hindrances to you becoming a better version of yourself is an inability to let go of the past. In light of this, it’s important that you continuously seek ways to forgive and move on. There are several things in your past that could hold you captive such as the end of a bad relationship, a friendship ending unexpectedly, or an inability to get over wrong choices or mistakes you made in the past. Whatever the case, holding on to such baggage can prevent you from growing as a person, in addition to hindering moving forward. However, letting go can ease your burden and make you better.

Accept People for Who They Are

Being a better version of yourself often has to do with how you treat those around you, so it’s important that you pay attention to that during your journey to self-improvement. In as much as you have imperfections, so do those around you, but you should still treat them kindly and try to avoid criticizing their flaws all of the time. Doing this means that you’re able to accept people as they are and focus on their positive qualities instead of the negative ones. Resolving to accept people as they are can also improve you as a person and make those around you feel comfortable and loved.

The process of becoming better physically, mentally and emotionally is sometimes a long and hard one. However, the things you stand to gain should help motivate you along the way and make it a road worth traveling. Although you may face many obstacles, always remember the benefits of becoming a better version of yourself likely outweigh the challenges you’ll face in the process. 

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