7 Ways Office Workers Can Keep Active on Shift

An office is a great little hub of productivity and activity, but it’s also a place where it’s incredibly easy for workers to put on weight, get into bad habits, and end up with a series of issues such as a bad back, repetitive strain on the wrists, poor eyesight and more.

Fortunately, working in an office doesn’t have to be a death sentence for your health. You just need to be made aware of some of the ways that you can stay active while at work. It’s a lot easier than you think, and don’t worry - you won’t have to have a treadmill installed at your desk and be forced to wear a sweatband.
Let’s take a look at seven ways you can stay active at work:

Take the Stairs Rather Than The Lift

If you’re working on the 42nd floor of a building, you can be forgiven for not running up 42 flights of stairs. However, if your office is situated on a high-level floor, why not take the elevator until three or four floors below, and take a few stairs. At least this way you are getting that extra exercise while at work. Every little bit helps.

Use Your Breaks Wisely

The majority of office workers take little breaks from time to time, often to have a cigarette or hang out at the water cooler for a few moments. Employees can make great use of this time by taking a short walk, hitting those steps outside, or even heading to the break room to do a few stretches. Even if you get a couple of strange looks, does it really matter? Your health is more important than the views of office gossipers, so indulge yourself in any work fitness routine you feel comfortable doing.

Go Out For Lunch (Even if You’ve Brought It With You)

Some office workers bring their lunch to work and eat it at their desk (a bad habit) or in the break room, and others tend to head out. Whichever way around you take yours, make use of your 30 or 60-minute lunch break by taking a walk around the block. Obviously, if you are already going out for lunch, you will be ticking this box already. Just don’t ruin the extra exercise by eating too unhealthily on your break. It will undo all your good work.

Invest in Ergonomic Office Products

If you’re wondering what ergonomics means, it’s the study of people's efficiency in their working environment, and how equipment should be tailored to the type of task that the worker is taking on. With office workers, this focuses on repetitive strain injuries, poor posture from being hunched over a computer screen at a desk all day, and poor circulation to the legs from not sitting correctly, and often in the wrong kind of chair.

We’ve all worked in places where you constantly have to stretch and take walks due to the position of the desk or the awful chair you’re sitting in. If you invest in ergonomic office products, you can cut down on the discomfort and pain, and increase productivity as a result. Have a word with your boss about getting some new equipment if yours isn’t up to scratch. You won’t be disappointed or in pain.

Track Your Steps with Your Phone

One of the best ways to motivate yourself when it comes to your health and fitness is to download some fitness apps to your phone. My Fitness Pal is a famous one for tracking what you eat and the exercise you do during the day, but there are others that track the number of steps that you do, and these are fantastic for people with sedentary jobs, such as office workers.

Certain phones actually have these apps built into them, which makes it easier to find one that works for you. All you have to do now is remember to keep your phone with you, as the app picks up on your movement and tracks your steps. You’ll soon become competitive with yourself and want to beat your record every day, and you’ll be taking those extra walks to the kitchen and filing rooms just so you can add some steps to your tally.

Volunteer to Make The Coffee Runs

If your boss is the kind and generous type and likes to send staff members out on coffee runs for everybody, this could a great opportunity for you to get out of the office and get a little bit of extra exercise in. Even if the coffee shop is only on the next floor and not a few blocks away, it’s still that extra bit of time to get the joints and circulation moving that little bit more.

The same applies for collecting stationery, mail or even lunches. Just be careful that you don’t take this one a little too seriously and do every single office run that needs doing. You could become the office skivvy before too long.

Make it a Team Bonding Challenge

As anybody who has ever been to the gym or been on a diet knows, it’s always a lot more fun and less stressful when you’ve got somebody by your side going through the same pain. Keeping more active at work doesn’t have to be a pain though, especially if you turn it into a team bonding challenge.

You could create a chart that features all the different ways you can keep active at work, e.g., taking a note of the number of steps you have taken, or tick boxes for different types of exercises and stretches you do while on shift.

You could keep it just for fun or turn it into a competition, with prizes for the team members who commit to the most challenges. That way everybody gets a little fitter, and the team will be that extra bit closer, too. A study in Minnesota found that a workplace lost 150 pounds in weight collectively by trying a similar challenge that focused on sitting less while at work.

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