Bad Habits That You Must Kick Out To Stay Healthy

Even though endeavoring to modernize our way of life in several ways is not a bad way to lead a life, it could lead to some bad habits resulting in an unhealthy lifestyle. Relishing the developments of technology such as taking a taxicab instead of cycling, or spending the whole day sitting down in an office cubicle instead of physically having to move around, or even something as simple as playing video games instead of real life sports — there are several such habits that need to be kicked out of the daily routine in order to be a healthy individual in the long run. Here are some habits that need kicking out.
Over reliance on fast food
With the availability of restaurants and food based mobile applications, eating out and having fast food has become a part of everyone’s life. Gone are those days when a home cooked meal was the first preference. It is all about quick consumption and how good the food tastes, instead of focusing on how nutritious the meal is. Consuming a healthy diet is an individual choice. The benefits of eating healthy are unlimited.
Some bad eating habits that need kicking out include:
·      Over consumption of fatty and sugary food items– Food items that comprise of a high proportion of sugar and fat are typically the ones that cause health hazards such as weight gain or obesity.
·    Food cooked in animal-based fats – The reason fast food must be avoided is because they are cooked in animal-based fats. These fats directly cause excessive cholesterol intake, cardiac issues, and a lot more health problems.
Instead, a diet should be built around fresh fruits and vegetables that contain vitamins and carbohydrates, lean protein, nuts, meals cooked in vegetable-based oils, and whole grains.
Going to bed with the mobile phone
Even respected news websites such as Americaherald.Com have reported about the various dangers associated with over use of cell phones. Although the whole generation is at fault for making this bad habit a part of its daily routine, it is a habit that needs to be chucked out. Most mobile phones emit a type of non-ionizing radiation. These radiations stem from their antennas. These rays are harmful because scientists have found direct links to:
·         Certain types of cancer
·         Insomnia
·         Weakness in certain parts of the body
Overdependence on the internet
Modern day parents and children are both accustomed to this habit of ‘Googling’ everything instead of actually making an effort to find something out on their own. This habit can have serious implications on the learning ability of the child and reduces his or her attention span.
Compulsive lying
Studies from the University of Notre Dame discovered that compulsive lying can have several negative effects such as:
·         Increased number of headaches
·         Sore throats
·         Social anxiety and panic attacks
Most people are guilty of lying once in a while, but making it a habit like the other habits mentioned can be highly unhealthy!

Human beings can become a victim of bad habits, but with some initiative, such habits can be easily driven away.

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