Great Ways to Simplify Your Life with Kids

Living in an organized family might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is definitely a great way of making sure that each and every single individual of the family knows how to be independent and react in certain situations. The world that people live in these days is certainly a complicated one. Even though there are a lot of gadgets and technologies that are meant to simplify people’s life, they often get in the way of making real connections. In other words, instead of socializing face to face, more and more people prefer talking over the internet. Not only communication is deprived in today’s society.

The way people do things has changed over the years. Back in the day, people would have to write letters by hand instead of just texting or writing a quick email, and while that’s a great way of saving time, money and paper, it often complicates people’s life. They end up spending hours on end on their devices instead of focusing on their family. However, the key is to find a good balance. No one says that technologies are not the solution to this problem. Yet, a good way to simplify your family life is by being organized and by having a look at these tips.

1.    Eliminate Clutter
Most families have a big pile of objects in their homes that they don't even use that often. Living in a big family is complicated enough and having unwanted objects in each corner of the home does not help at all. It is very easy to sort everything in your home and either give some objects to charity or sell them online. Getting rid of clutter can take a long period of time if you don’t start making a change. Depending on how young your kids are, you can ask them to sort their toys and books and give them to other kids. At the same time, keeping surfaces clear is your responsibility. Valuing quality over quantity simplifies your life a lot and gives you more room for activity. The less clutter you have in your home, the less time you need to spend organizing, storing and cleaning it.

2.    Include a Calendar
If you have more than one child and you want to simplify your life as a parent, then you need to start planning and writing everything down on a calendar. There are definitely a lot of activities that you need to keep track of and consider each day your kid goes to school. On the other hand, you might even write down other important family events on there so that you can remember them. For example, you can include birthdays, celebrations, and many others. By organizing your life with a calendar, you forget about day-to-day stress or at least minimize it as much as possible. Even though a lot of people prefer having a digital calendar, it is handy to have a physical one that you can check whenever you want. You can also have both, and give access to your partner to make changes to it.

3.    Let Go of Perfectionism
Every parent wants what’s best for their kids. However, sometimes it is important to remember that it is virtually impossible to be perfect. No matter how much you try, you won’t be able to reach perfection from all points of view. Therefore, once you let go of perfectionism, you will realize that your life becomes a bit better and definitely less stressful. In order to do so, you need to identify the aspects of your life that matter the most and eliminate those that stress you out. Being a perfectionist is neither good for yourself nor for your kids. It is never a good thing to put pressure on them. You can do this either voluntarily or involuntarily. In any case, this will make them anxious and less confident in their skills.

4.    Take Care of the Budget
The financial part is another aspect that many families struggle with. When you become a parent your life changes a lot. Not only do you have a lot more responsibilities in your life, but you also need to feed and take care of your children. All of that needs to happen with the same amount of money you had before you became a parent. That is not always simple, especially if you’re used to splurging money on everything. As they grow up, kids have more and more needs that you need to fulfill. While that sounds a bit daunting for some, it is certainly doable. Though, at times it is good to get some help. Depending on your family situation, you may require additional financial help. There are special tools such as FamilyVest fiduciary financial planner that help you understand how to control your budget. 

5.    Eat More Fresh Produce
It is a well-known fact that kids love snacks. There are a lot of great snacks in shops that you can serve them whenever they feel a bit hungry. Nonetheless, if you want to give your kids something healthy, ready-made snacks are not the best option. You don't have to spend a lot of money to eat healthy snacks. By using initiative and taking some time out of your day to maybe make something with your children, you can save money and spend time with your children. All you need to do is clean out the fridge and perhaps make a delicious fruit salad. This does not require much effort. Moreover, it is fresh, tasty, and healthy. Instead of serving complicated snacks and spending valuable time cooking complicated extra foods, you can just offer them a plate of fruit. At the same time, you can prepare meals in advance and freeze them for later. Keep in mind that you can also freeze cookies, which is great for when you are going on a family trip.

6.    Simplify Your Cleaning Routine
Parents spend a lot of time cleaning their home and making sure that everything is neat and tidy. They do that for multiple reasons. First of all, they want to make sure that their home is clean and free of bacteria and obviously because they want to make it look great. Nonetheless, cleaning can take a lot of time if you don't have any help. In order to simplify your life and be able to spend more time with your family, it would be a good idea to find useful ways of simplifying your cleaning routine. For example, you can start doing small projects at a time rather than trying to clean the whole house at once, or ask your kids and partner to help you.

7.    Prep the Night Before
Mornings can be truly hectic for parents, especially if they have more than one child. This can be easily avoided with a bit of preparation beforehand, more exactly the night before. Teach your kids how to pick out their clothes for the next day while you prepare lunches before going to bed and store them in the fridge so that your mornings become a lot more relaxing. You might feel a bit too tired to complete these tasks at times, but spending as little as ten minutes to prepare for the following day is a great reward in the morning. The mornings should be spent eating breakfast, getting dressed, and making the beds. This is the best way of starting your day.

8.    Just Say No
This is common sense. In order to have a simpler life, you need to say “no” more often. This practice allows you to make time for your priorities and eliminate some stress from your life. Everyone has tasks that they need to complete although they might not feel like completing them. At the same time, there are things that people don't want to do, but they agree to do them only because other people’s expectations are involved. You can eliminate this problem from your life by being honest and by saying “no” from time to time. People around you will not mind you putting your happiness first. If they do, they are definitely not your friends. Saying no takes a bit of time and getting used to, but eventually, you will understand the benefits of putting your happiness first.

9.    Go On Dates
Even though spending time as a family is great, from time to time you need to make a priority of spending time with your spouse. In order to do that you need to tell your parents that you need to spend some time with your significant other and ask them to watch your kids, perhaps. Or find a babysitter that you can trust. Setting up dates with your partner is a great way of making sure that you can still spend time together even though you have kids. Going away with your partner is perfect for when you want to escape from the daily reality for a day or two. Once you get back, you will see everything from a different perspective, and you will be ready to take care of your responsibilities. Last but not least, organizing dates with your kids is just as important.

Life can be truly complicated at times. It also becomes a bit more complicated when you have kids. No matter how overwhelming your life is, you can definitely lift some weight off your shoulders by keeping these tips in mind.

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