How to Make Your New House Feel Like Home

There’s a big difference between living in a house and having a home. You can live anywhere, in any type of accommodation, and not feel the warmth and attachment that makes it home; but what are the elements that do make a place feel like home? Part of it will be your family of course, if you have one; being with the people you love and sharing your life with your kids and partner. If you look around you and don’t feel connected to your new environment, there are steps you can take to make your house feel more like a home.

How much will it cost?

Whenever you’re contemplating changes to your home, one of the first concerns will be how much you’ll have to spend. You could, of course, go for a full remodel of your house, which would require a significant investment, but not everything needs to be as drastic and costly as that. One answer is to have a look at your finances and see how much you could afford to spend right now, then tailor your changes to your budget. If you are short of the money you need and you can cover the repayments, a loan could be the answer. Take some time to research the credit options available to you so you can learn more about the right type of loan for your project, and shop around to get the most competitive terms for your loan. Most lenders will approve loans for home improvements as long as your credit rating is good, so it can be a solution to making the changes that will improve the quality of your life.

Outside space

If you have any outside space, whether it’s a large backyard or just a window box, making it look attractive with pretty plants and tasteful decorations will put a smile on your face. You’ll need to think about how much time you’d have to care for your plants, but even if you’re very short of time, you can still spruce up your outdoor spaces. If you do have spare time in the evenings or at weekends, then flower borders and planters will transform the dullest of spaces. The plants will need watering, feeding and tending to get the best out of them. After all, coming home to a trough full of dead sticks is not going to fill your heart with joy! If you’re unable to care for plants that need daily watering in the summer, use plants that come from arid regions, that will not suffer from a bit of neglect. You can also dispense with the plants altogether if you wish, and use decorative features like mosaics, glass pebbles, or statuary. Anything that lifts the space and makes it more attractive will give you a lift when you look out at it. To top it off, put a garden swing or chair outside so you can relax in the sun.


Often when you move into a new place, there’s no opportunity to decorate beforehand, so you are stuck with the previous inhabitant’s color choices until you have the time and energy to get your paintbrush out. The trouble is, that until you’ve made your mark with the d├ęcor, your house will never feel like a real home, as it will always have that echo of whoever lived there before. So although it can be a chore, it’s worth making the effort to redecorate, even if you just tackle one room at a time over a long period. If you can afford to get the decorators in, you could get it done to the highest standards, and relatively quickly, so it’s worth considering this as an option. Alternatively, you could hold a decorating party, inviting your friends and relatives around to all do a bit of painting, and providing them with a barbecue.


When you get unpacked, you’ll have at least a rough plan of where everything will go; then after you’ve lived with it for a while, you’ll be able to see what works and what doesn’t. Once you know what you need to change, it’s time for a spot of reorganization. If you’re lucky, it will just be the odd bit of furniture that needs moving, or rearranging the contents of the kitchen cupboards. Whatever you’ve identified as needing change, will have to be tackled, though, whether large or small, if you want to make your house a home. Before you start shifting things about, draw up a plan, so you know where everything is going to go, then you won’t get in a mess with bits and pieces all over the place, and you’ll have made sure there is a home for everything.

Little touches

Sometimes it’s the smallest things that make the biggest difference. Fresh flowers in the living room, or some vibrant houseplants can lift your spirits and make rooms seem homier. Orchids are an excellent choice as they flower for months at a time, and are nowhere near as tricky to look after as is often believed. Bowls of fruit or nuts work in the same way, too. Fridge magnets holding paintings the kids have made onto the refrigerator, or happy family photos can make the kitchen feel less clinical. Framed personal photos around the house also add the family touch, and new curtains or blinds will put your stamp on the house. A touch of humor can be very effective, for example, a novelty kitchen timer, or a Cookie Monster storage tin. Big cuddly teddies on the bed, or memorabilia from your favorite movie or TV show on display; anything that adds your personal touch to a room will make it seem more welcoming to you. Smells are also important, meaning air fresheners can be a good idea. To avoid overpowering perfumes, try a diffuser, which releases a more subtle fragrance over a long period of time.

These are just a few ideas for making your new house a home. You’ll have seen that the common thread running through all the ideas is adding your personality and the things you like to your house, transforming it from somewhere to live, to a welcoming sanctuary for the whole family.

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