How to Take the Best Care of Your Children: Parenting 101

As a parent, you need to spend as much quality time with your children as possible, and adopting a hands-on, engaging, and attentive parenting style is considered ideal. Your kids need to know that you love them, and that you’re ready and willing to pick them up if they should fall. Your children should feel safe, secure, and assured that you’ll take care of them, listen to them, and love them unconditionally. Interest your children in new activities and encourage them to spend their free time as productively as possible. Remember to take a step back if you think you’re being overbearing and ask your children what support they need if in doubt.

Be Transparent

Always be open and honest with your children, and especially around difficult subjects that will directly affect them. For example, if your marriage is breaking down and you’ve decided the best decision is to separate, then you should inform your children as soon as your choice is final. If you’re someone who has to balance a busy work schedule with family life, then make sure you dedicate a good amount of time to sitting down and being frank with your children. You will need time to explain the implications and upcoming proceedings properly, so consider finding an international divorce lawyer if you travel with your job, and are unable to spend long periods of time in one place.

Support Their Individual Needs

Pay close attention to your children’s school reports and get to grips with where they might require a little more help at home. When homework is given, try to encourage them to make a start on it the night after its set, as this way they won’t have to rush the assignment and you can give them a hand with it. Offer to go over some of the subjects they’re struggling with together, or consider hiring a private tutor to support their individual needs.

Nurture Their Growth

Caring for your children should involve encouraging them to achieve their goals, no matter how big or small they are. If your children are keen to make it onto the school sports teams, then you should encourage them to go after what they want, and transport them to attend practice sessions and tryouts. If they show musical promise, then think about buying them their own instrument to use, and learn further at home. Nurture your children and the strengths they show from an early age. Provide your children with plenty of opportunities to get involved in new clubs, societies, classes and social groups.


As a parent, one of your top responsibilities is to keep your children well-fed and nourished. Providing a healthy nutritious diet needs to rank very highly on your list of priorities, so learn how best to meet their dietary requirements. Children need different amounts of specific nutrients such as calcium and protein. Ensure that you’re feeding your young family with plenty of eggs, beans, peas, broccoli and yogurt alongside rice, oats, and fruit to provide dietary fiber. Take care of your children by getting them interested in healthy eating from a young age, and teaching them about where their food comes from.

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