Self-Improvement in 2018: Making Positive Change Happen

Although defined broadly, self-improvement is basically the process of making attitudinal shifts and behavioral changes that will cause you to become a better person. While many people are interested in becoming more productive, positive individuals, not everyone takes the time to implement the lifestyle changes necessary to realize the goal. But you can. Start the self-improvement process now by implementing some or all of the following strategies:

1. Place Primacy On Being Honest With Yourself

One of the reasons that people fail to make substantive self-improvements is that they consistently lie to themselves. Lying is a normative part of most or all cultures in the world, and the lying process includes making false statements to others and the self. Unfortunately, lying to oneself is oftentimes the medium through which habitual, negative patterns become so deeply ingrained that the individual feels that she or he has no power to change. This is why individuals who are serious about self-improvement should focus on being honest with themselves. In some cases, people lie to themselves regarding their weight and say they're comfortable with carrying ten or twenty extra pounds on their stomach or thighs. Yet the reality is that excess weight almost always causes physical discomfort and a wide range of internal problems. If you actually are an individual who enjoys carrying excess weight and don't find that it causes corporeal or cognitive issues, keep this reality in mind when you put your self-improvement strategies in place so that you aren't unwittingly dragged into the weight management realm when you know the issue isn't important to you.

2. Implement A Holistic Wellness Plan

In addition to being honest with yourself, make sure that you implement a holistic wellness plan. This plan will empower you to become healthy in your mind, body, and spirit. There are several unique strategies that individuals can incorporate into their health plan to remain on track to looking good and feeling great. Your personal system can include anything from hiring a yoga instructor to meditating for ten minutes in the morning and evening. Sometimes it's the process of becoming extremely intentional and systematic with your health plan which ensures that you'll attain substantive, ongoing results.

3. Optimize Your External Environment


Perhaps paradoxically, the self-improvement process requires that you look beyond your self and into the external world. Specifically, maybe you need to take the time to optimize your external environment. Doing so is going to help you think and act in ways that are conducive to your mental and physical health. One thing to think about when you're ready to enhance the environment around you is your home. A home can either make you anxious, if everything is in disarray, or bring you peace, if everything is in it's place and aesthetically pleasing. If you've given any thought to installing bison wood tiles to enhance the aesthetic of your residential property, know that the professionals of Elevated Deck Systems can assist you.


If self-improvement is your primary objective for 2018, know that you can make wonderful, positive changes in your life that cause you to become better and brighter. Three of them are outlined above. Start making changes now so you can put the self-improvement process in full effect!

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