Self-Protection Should Be Top Priority for Women Staying Alone

Sometimes, the world is not a safe place for women and women have to take extra precautions to self-protect themselves at all times. Taking steps to self-protect themselves is of utmost importance, and this should be top priority for women. Women are easy targets and victims of violent crimes and rapes. Women should be well informed and alert so as not to be unprepared if targeted by a predator.

Some tips on self-protection:
·     Be always on the alert of lurking danger in all environments. Pay attention to what is going on around you when out in the open.
·      Do not talk on your phone, read or text messages when you are alone in a public place. Don’t be taken off guard.
·      If you think or sense someone is watching or following you, quickly cross the street, step into a store, or quickly walk towards a group of people.
·    Stay alert and try not to be distracted by looking for your car keys and digging around in your handbag. Always hold your car keys in your hand before you leave the building. Hold the car keys in between your fingers to use as a weapon if the need arises.
·       Only unlock your car when you are close to your car. Once you unlock the car, quickly get inside the car and lock the doors and drive off.
·      If you need to walk alone to your car, make sure there is no van parked next to your driver’s side door.
·        Arm yourself with one of the self defense weapons in case you are confronted by a predator.
·        If possible avoid parking in lonely or dark places, or walking alone to your car.
·        Try not to travel alone because predators like to target women traveling alone.
·         Be wary of strangers and do not invite strangers into your house.
·         Be careful not to reveal your address to strangers.

Even though we feel safe when we are at home, we must not take the safety of our home for granted. We need to take extra precaution in case we are being targeted by predators especially if we are staying alone.

·     Have home spy cameras fitted in strategic places to monitor any intruders when you are away from home or home alone. There are many types of hidden cameras that are affordable and the hidden camera for home is not visible and can be easily fitted on any of the household items.
·      Always keep your house doors locked at all times.
·   Arm your house with alarm systems or keep a pet dog. You can use your car alarm in times of emergency by keeping your car remote next to your bed.

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