Things to Consider When Buying a Family Car

Planning to buy a family car is an investment that needs careful consideration so that you purchase a car that is suitable for your needs, and one that fits into your budget as well. Buying a family car is different from buying a personal car in that in you have to be considerate of everyone else in the former. You can’t just buy a car because you like the design or the power output when shopping for a family. There are some important factors that you have to consider, like the size of your family, for example. 

Your family needs

What’s the reason for buying the car? What will you use the car for the majority of the time? This should guide your choice of type and model of car to buy. You should also put into consideration the size of your family.   For instance, if you are a family of five and you want to buy a family car to drop the kids at school and run errands, then a 5-seater car with a low fuel consumption per mileage will be most suitable. The car should also have a spacious trunk for your luggage when you need to travel together as a family, like going for a road trip.


The safety of your family should take precedence when making a decision on a family car and you would want to go with a car with the most safety features within your budget.
A good family car should have features to reduce the impact in case of a collision and more importantly, driving assistance tools like obstacle detection, cruise control with auto braking, and parking assistance.


There are car enthusiasts and experts who test new cars and give reviews on them. They will give you the upsides and downsides, and offer their opinion whether it’s a good buy or not compared to it's competitors in the market. You can find such reviews on places like the Tuning Guru.

While the final buying decision rests with you, car reviews can offer important insights about a vehicle that may lead to a rethinking of your decision. The advantage is that car reviews also do a comparison of cars within the same price range so you can look at a number of models that fit within your budget before making a purchasing decision.

Your budget

When looking for a new car, don’t just look at the cost of the car alone. The cost of purchasing a car is one off, but the cost of owning a car goes beyond that and comes as long as you own the car. The cost of owning a car includes maintenance costs such as insurance premiums, fuel costs, and cost of servicing the car. These are expenses you have to shoulder on a regular basis. Take all these into account when buying a car.  Since you will need to put some money towards monthly maintenance of the car, do some calculations on how that works into your financial plan and goals.

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  1. I would add be prepared to walk away from pushy sales people, who think and act like they know what you want and think

    1. That sounds like great advice so that you don't end up with something you don't want.


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