Make Your Cat Happy at the Vet

Low stress handling of your precious cat at a feline cat care clinic or animal hospital is very important to both the pet and the owner to decrease anxiety and stress and, instead, create a successful appointment or procedure. Adding special towels in the lobby, diffusers in examination rooms, and treats to the best handling practices help pets feel calm and relaxed in the unfamiliar environment and get through a check-up or more serious situation.



If it becomes necessary for your cat to be hospitalized or lodged, the iCalmCat plays a variety of repeating high-pitch and increased lower-pitched frequencies of classical music that have soothing and calming effects on felines.

Start the Process at Home

It is very helpful to make your furry friend acquainted and happy with its carrier and consider it a safe and comfortable place. Leave it out for your pet to explore and enjoy toys, a bed, and treats. You can then include those objects when you want to encourage the cat to easily run in when you want to go to the vet. Place a towel over the carrier when leaving the house to decrease what your cat can see and hear in the vast outdoors. That will help reduce stress on the drive to and from the visit.


Choose an American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) accredited veterinary hospital. There are only 3,000 in the United States and Canada. That guarantees that your cat will receive the highest quality care because the facility has undergone an extensive evaluation process that ensures that they comply with strict standards in patient care, surgery, pain management, and other areas.

Cats are Different

Veterinarians and employees in a full-service facility just for cats understand that the medical concerns and personalities of cats are unique. Those humans go out of their way to provide the special treatment and care that the felines require and deserve in an environment that is very cat friendly.

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