Maldives Travel Guide for Families

Families love being in the Maldives, and it is indeed a paradise on Earth. There are more than a thousand islands that are to be explored. It is a wrong notion that the Maldives is a holiday destination for only the super-rich. With careful planning and budgeting, just about anyone can go and enjoy the Maldivian islands archipelago that is like ‘picnic’ islands for tourists. Once considered a honeymoon destination, it is now a family-friendly beach break. Earlier, the tourists were allowed to stay only on resort islands, but today, so many guesthouses, vacation rentals, and inns have popped up on the inhabited islands. Look for Maldives vacation rentals for great accommodation options that suit all budgets and preferences. Stay at those heavenly locations surrounded by white sand beaches and shimmering greens and blues of the Indian Ocean.


When to go

Maldives enjoys a dry season from December-April and wet season from May-November. The visibility is superb during the dry season while the water temperatures are more comfortable in the wet season. Thus, depending on what your family is interested in doing, you can go to Maldives anytime of the year. There is a lot to do and see here such as snorkeling or scuba diving. Those islands are close by and there are half dozen inhabited islands in each atoll.

Transportation between Islands

Local ferries are the best option when traveling between islands. However, keep in mind that not all island locations have a daily schedule and on certain days, they run at very odd hours. You can make use of Speedboat or Seaplane but they can be expensive. When exploring each island, it is fairly easy to do as the islands are small and one can just bike to get around. When traveling with kids, you can hire taxis.

Kid friendly cuisine

The food options can be limited to the islands, and there is fish with every meal. The local food can be spicy so ask them to make it less spicy for the children. However, most restaurants offer 50% off the cost of all meals for kids. Take advantage of the generous family packages and buffets. The main cuisines offered at the large restaurants include local Maldivian, Middle Eastern, Chinese, and Indian. With so many options, one cannot get bored.

Fun things to do with Kids

There is a lot to do and see on the local islands, and the whole family can look forward to some exciting times. Families with children can plan activities that always center around the ocean. There are tons of water sports and local cultural experiences to enjoy. There are beautiful beaches not just for relaxation and leisure swimming, but are a hub for entertaining cultural activities.
·         Dolphin watching is one of the most popular activities in the Maldives and dolphins are present year-round here. There are different species of dolphins that can be viewed here and it is a joy to watch those playful creatures that do amazing acrobatic tricks.

·         There amazing spots for snorkeling in the Maldives thanks to the clarity of the water. The visibility can extend unto 20 meters. If your children are still learning to snorkel, head for the shallower areas within the inner reef. Most islands carry similar geography.

·         Relax on the beaches with your family, as many of the islands here are themselves atolls. Let your children play on the sand surrounded by the clearest and the calmest of waters. Children would just never feel like ending all that fun! Those islands are perfect for sunbathing, swimming and pure relaxation.

·         Your children would love the hermit crabs found in plenty on the beaches on Kaashidhoo.  Kids can spend hours watching those crabs and keep themselves entertained. You can even enjoy some crab racing.

·         Maldivians mean lots of water and boat journeys. Your family is sure to have an exciting time looking at the flying fish, jumping tuna, dolphins, and birdlife. You can take ferries, speedboat, fishing boat or a dinghy, whatever you fancy.

·         The kids would love feeding fishes and froglets, indeed. It is interesting to see them swim in the water and you will find thousands of frogs at variable stages of growth. The kids are sure to have a wonderful time here.

·         If your family loves surfing, then the Maldives is a world-class surfing destination. Let your family enjoy excellent breaks, and even if your children are at amateur skill level, there are surfing lessons on some islands in the Maldives.

·         Take a scenic flight to experience the magical side of the Maldives. Look at the different shades of water below as you fly over the many atolls. It is highly recommended to book a scenic flight on a twin-engine float plane to see the isolated and beautiful Maldives islands.
·         It is a must to explore the capital of the Maldives, Male that is full of real charm. You will enjoy exploring the bustling markets with your family. Visit the important buildings and mosques but be careful when taking pictures as the authorities are slightly touchy.

The Maldives is indeed a fantastic place to visit with your family. People are warm and welcoming, and the Maldives is just glorious. See the sunny side of  life of the remote archipelago in the Indian Ocean. It is hard to resist the warm turquoise waters, the white sand beaches, and plenty of sunshine. Look forward to a great Maldivian experience with your family!

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