Tips for All-Round Self Improvement

 Its something of a buzzword these days, but self-improvement simply entails the quest to better yourself in all areas of your life, from your productivity to your skill set, happiness, and compassion. Those serious about self-improvement take the time to plan, sets aims and objectives, and perceive their weaknesses so that they can target areas of their lives where they can achieve the all-important improvement. Heres a thorough run-down of the major areas of life that the most dedicated self-improvers will take a look at in their dedicated journey to betterment.

An important part of life, even more so in the modern era, when we juggle personal relationships with financial worries and workplace stresses, is simply taking the time to sit with no distractions, reflecting on how the past few days or weeks have been. Self-reflection involves the calm and almost meditative thinking-through of your own actions. You celebrate the successes youve had recently, while also concentrating on the analysis of areas in which you did not perform at your best.

Once youve taken the time to think deeply about your performance, youll have a mental list of your minor shortcomings to work on in the future. Perhaps you were late for an appointment which caused some disruption in your life, or you lost some time out of your weekend thanks to a particularly fierce hangover. You may have lost money on an ill-thought-through purchase or acted less than perfectly in a conversation with a loved one. Being humble enough to accept that youve made some mistakes in the past is an extremely important step towards self-improvement, so be holistic and self-critical in your appraisal when reflecting.


An excellent way to learn more skills, taking classes is something that high-achievers are more than happy to drop some cash on. From parenting classes through to late-night language schools, online financial market courses to relationship counseling, there are so many ways in which an individual can take productive steps to learn something new, to fix problems, or to gain valuable skills that can translate into various parts of their life. Never suffer the hubris of expecting to improve your circumstances completely on your own. With so much out here to help you, you should see the availability of courses as an opportunity to improve.

There are two main types of courses when it comes to self-improvement. One of the types is vital courses that improve your skills or relationships in such a way as to make measurable and important gains in your life. These include counseling when times are tough, and learning a new skill to help you perform at your best or achieve promotion in the workplace. Then there are more personal endeavors that have no great effect on your position in life, but provide a new skill and group of peers to practice it with; perhaps a new sport, language, or even a book group. Both are commonly undertaken by dedicated self-improvers.

Reading and Writing

In an age of social media and online video streaming, reading has well and truly become a quirky fad where once it was the primary means by which people gained some valuable perspective on the world. Fiction, in all its various forms, is said to present us with new and fascinating worlds that teach us something about our own lives and the lives of others, which in turn improves our ability to empathize with others. Contained in non-fiction books is an infinite treasure trove of new and interesting information, about bike mechanics, world politics, stocks and shares, or relationships, that can directly influence the way in which we live our lives.

Equally important but falling equally by the wayside in our day-to-day lives is writing, especially on the personal level of a diary or reflective journal. The rise of the ‘brain dump’ is an example of modern-day diary-writing. It entails the mental regurgitation of your stresses, anxieties and to-do list into a journal before you go to sleep. Doing so should help you achieve a more sound slumber, with all the information you extracted from your mind ready for you to take a new look at in the clear light of day. But in truth, any kind of personal writing, whether setting goals or exploring a personal problem, is an excellent way to frame busy thoughts in a neat and understandable fashion.

Invest in Equipment

Sometimes, all it takes to improve certain areas of our lives is a little investment in the right gear. Take cooking as an example. Often, on picking up a recipe book to make a wholesome and delicious meal, were confronted with a number of spices, herbs and unfamiliar ingredients that we do not possess. Slamming the book shut, well shove something into the oven, tutting at the infeasibility of cooking such recipes. By investing in the raw materials, youll be able to cook complex but tasty meals, improving your health and developing your culinary prowess.

This rule can be extended into most other areas of life. Wear the best golf socks to improve your performance on the golf course; purchase a quality bike for more satisfying cycling commutes; replace an old, slow laptop with something far speedier; or even buy a whole new bed to improve the quality of your sleep. Spending money in and of itself doesnt lead to self-improvement, but the careful selection of areas of ones life in which the right equipment could be of real value is a smart and often timely way of making adjustments to improve our lives.

Health Consciousness

Covering several bases at once, this tip is simply to be and to remain health conscious throughout your life. The three largest areas of this are regular exercise, a healthy and balanced diet, and moderation in our consumption of products we know can do us harm. These three factors have profound effects on our whole waking (and sleeping) life, and as we approach old age, youll become thankful that you chose to take care of yourself as others become ill, unfit, or less mobile. 

Regular exercise neednt be of the highest or most extreme caliber. Instead, you should see exercise (as much as possible) as a fun leisure activity with additional benefits, and working out or performing regularly in a sports team with friends is an excellent way to mix the social with the physical. A balanced diet, likewise, neednt be militant and doesnt require instant adherence to all the health tips splashed across the pages of newspapers and magazines. Its simply a case of cooking with a wide variety of ingredients, and keeping fats, sugars, and salts down. Finally, moderation takes its place where common habits, such as drinking alcohol and smoking, are concerned. Both are harmful and can develop into bad habits over time.


Social occasions represent our off-time; the time during which we let our hair down and simply enjoy the company of colleagues, friends and loved ones without stressing about the future or dwelling too much on the past. Whether its after work drinks, a dinner party, days out with the family or nights in with your partner, socializing is what brings us to our equilibrium, and without it, we can become isolated, lonely and unproductive incredibly quickly.

In this sense, time spent with others is never a waste of your time. Its human contact and cannot be traded for hours in front of a computer screen or reading a book. Self-improvement shouldnt force itself into the areas of your life that you enjoy carefreely. In fact, the quest to improve our lives should take stock of the fact that some of our happiest moments in life are times when were enjoying the company of others, sharing stories and laughing without a care in the world.

Positive Attitude

Self-improvement is as much about self-belief, confidence, and curiosity as it is about a dogged desire to make ones circumstances better. The most efficient way to go about changing and improving areas of your life is not to set a brutal regime of learning, health activities, and reflection, but to enjoy and be adventurous in myriad areas of life that will lead you to unique and interesting avenues for improvement, learning and perspective-gaining. A positive attitude is therefore an incredibly useful tool to guide you in your daily endeavors, informing you what you should spend your time doing.

Sometimes referred to as go-getting, those with a positive outlook are often the people who ask for promotions at work, who predict areas in which their life could use improvement so that they can prepare ahead of time, and who are frequently there to help out friends and families when theyre in a difficult place. Theyre proactive and conscious of the world around them, taking steps to be a better person by engendering an attitude of holistic productivity without placing undue stress on their daily lives.

Self-improvement might seem an uphill battle and a struggle in multiple areas of your life, but in truth, its about setting up some good habits that become second-nature after a committed period of improving our circumstances. Enjoy using these tips to measure your self-improvement in your journey to a happy sense of fulfillment.

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