Top Ways to Boost the Brain Power of Your Kids

At the time of birth, the brain of a baby contains about 100 billion neurons. It’s almost equal to the number of stars in the Milky Way! In the first year, the baby grows trillions of brain cell links which are known as the neural synapses. The main rule for the wiring of the brain is – use it or lose it. The outlines which are not wired together by stimulation are lost and pruned by the time of the child’s school years. There is neurological hard-wiring in the brain of an infant. Given below are some simple ways in which caregivers and parents can help in ensuring the healthy brain development of their kids, with love and no stress.

Playing with the hands

Kids respond well to learning easy sequential games. Draw the kids into counting on the fingers or playing peek-a-boo with their hands.

Playing video games

Few games help kids in enhancing their communication skills, logical skills, motor skills, as well as analytical skills the way video games do. Video games get a bad rap, but they do have some benefits.  You never know, if your kid has exceptional motor skills, he can take up a career in the automotive industry one day, as there is top Diesel Mechanic School NC which offers the best education and training.

Giving the right food

Eggs, oily fish, wholegrain breads, cereal, oats, beans, milk, yogurt and cheese are some of the foods which can help boost the brain power of kids. These foods boost concentration and help in learning.

Talking with the kids

There is irrefutable and strong evidence from years of research that talking to kids is highly linked with their IQ and their future academic performance. Speaking a lot with kids is the easiest and the most effective thing you can ever do for their amazing mental development.

Encouraging an early affection towards books

Go for the books which have big colorful images for attracting the attention of the child. Share the kid’s delight in pointing to these images and making the noises, for e.g. animal sounds from the pictures. Elaborate and simplify the storylines for them by voice modulations as well.

Singing songs and listening to music

Songs which involve actions can actually aid with hand-eye-coordination along with the sensory development of the child. Different songs can have different effects on kids. Songs connect their feelings and memories just like adults.  Singing along with the kids helps in building their literacy, vocabulary and emotional intelligence. In general, also, music can aid in accelerating the brain development and improving IQ.

Emphasize healthy sleeping habits

There is simply nothing more therapeutic for human bodies than getting a good amount of sleep. Babies and kids grow while they're sleeping, so adequate amounts of sleep are a must.


Like any other skill, concentration can be made automatic and improved. The only trick is to be constant and regular. These above mentioned tips of improving the concentration power are a win-win solution since they not only aid in improving the concentration but also help in strengthening the relationship between the parents and the kids.

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