Building in the Basement

When it comes to DIY, it's always a struggle to work out where it’d be best to work on
your project. While some of us have garages or outbuildings, others have to make do with
squeezing into corners or working outside. And, these options have obvious downsides.
Anyone who’s tried it will tell you that DIY in a tight spot is never fun. And, when you’re
working outside, you can only get your work done when the elements agree with you. Again,
it’s less than ideal.

So, this is an issue you definitely need to solve before embarking on a big project.
It can sometimes seem like an impossible task, but we’re here to tell you that your
basement could have your back. Though you might not think it, this is actually the ideal
space for any DIY you can imagine, and we’re going to look at why.

Let’s talk floor space

Perhaps the best thing about a basement is the floor space it offers. Most basements
span the square footage of your entire house. And, let’s be honest; the more room you
have, the better. Whether you’re building swings or decorating plant pots, you’d be
amazed how much room you take up. In the basement, you’ll never have to worry
about constraints. You can spread out as much as your designer heart pleases.

Safety measures

Basements also bring the benefit of separation. And, that’s a definite plus point when
it comes to DIY safety. Even something as simple as a dropped pin in a thick carpet
can cause mayhem up top. But, you can control who enters that basement area
with a lock on the door. Then, you can be sure no sharp materials or dangerous tools
will fall into the wrong hands.

Your basement can also keep your tools safe when they aren’t in use. Up in the house,
someone could break them by knocking them over or moving them in the wrong way.
Just like that, you’d face a hefty repair bill. But, their condition shouldn’t suffer in
your basement, especially if you focus on basement waterproofing and securing any
holes. Then, you can lock the door and rest easy.

It doesn’t matter if it gets messy

Even the most careful DIYer likely makes a fair bit of mess when working on projects.
That’s all part of the fun. You can’t very well saw a piece of wood without getting
chippings all over the place. Even on simple jobs, you might get glitter or glue all
over the floor. Who has time to worry about that when in the throes of creativity?
Sadly, though, many of us are in a position where mess isn’t an option. If you’re working
in the corner of a room, for instance, mess could spell ruined carpets and disaster.
But, guess what? There’s no such issue in your basement. With that concrete floor in
place, you can drop whatever you fancy and not have to worry about it until the end
of the day.

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  1. We don't have basements here in Australia as a rule so no building there


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