Christmas (or Anytime) Gift Baskets on a Budget

Christmas, 4th of July, summer birthdays, weddings, and graduation parties are all wonderful times to share fellowship with family and friends.  They are also occasions when it's nice to bring a gift, whether it be for a newly married couple, the graduate, or the hostess of a party. If you find it difficult to purchase a gift for someone, or if you have a limited budget, there are a few basket ideas that you can make or order online. 


One option is to purchase gourmet food gift baskets and separate the items that are in them so that you can make multiple baskets with other items you add. For Christmas time, get a few glass jars, some Christmas ribbon, and a few sprigs of holly to attach to the lid to make candy jars. You can put one or two gourmet candies in the jar as well. Make the jar festive by putting a small black belt and gold buckle around the middle to look like Santa's coat. For Summer gifts, get some seashells, or flowers and light colored ribbons to decorate the jars. Or for the graduate, make a little mortar board "hat" for the top of the jar.  Here are some other ideas for gift baskets:

  • Another option when making gourmet baskets is to include monogrammed candles and other items that can be used with the foods that are in the basket. You can monogram everything from mugs to wine glasses, as well as kitchen towels to create a personalized gift. 
  • If you know someone who likes sports, then get a themed basket to put a few items in, such as peanuts, crackers, and maybe tickets to a sporting event. Another idea for a man would be to include a few tools.
  • For someone who is older, you could create a fruit gift using a red or green basket, some Christmas filler, fresh fruits, and candies. Wrap the basket with cellophane, putting a bow on top of the gift to complete it before delivering to a nursing home or to an older family member or neighbor. 
  • Use slippers for a spa gift by putting fingernail polish, remover, bath wash, and a gift card for a spa treatment inside each shoe. 

Make a list of the things that you need to get to make each basket before you begin so that you have everything ready to make your gifts. 

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Do you have any tips or thoughts to add?

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