50 Before 50

Here is what I have so far on my 50 before Fifty List.
Some of these might have to be moved to my "sometime" list.
Some might have to be changed to something new if the original gets switched to a sometime list!

1. Do 20 real push-ups. (Only up to 7)  I broke my hand, so it might be quite a while.
2.Walk/Run a 5K Warrior Dash 2013
3. Take a self-defense class.
4. Take a dance class.
5. Walk a Half Marathon. November 23, 2014 & April 25, 2015   3 hours 5 minutes and 3:24
6. Have something published (anything--no plans on this yet) Is cheating okay? Haha.  My face was published in All You magazine talking about my gray hair in August 2014. 
7. Go completely gray without any backsliding.
8. MOVED to 60 Before Sixty -->>Drive historic route 66.   New GOAL (2019) Thrift an outfit every week for a year.  Hahaha!  Okay, then.
9. Use my passport again. Cruise 2013.  Bahamas. 2016~~Switzerland, Spain, France.
10. Go to the firing range and don't chicken out--actually shoot the gun. 
11. Do the world's longest garage sale. Well, not the whole thing I guess. There's just not enough time in a 4 day weekend to do all of those states!
12. NEED TO CHANGE THIS ONE!  NOT GONNA HAPPEN!  IDEAS??   Read every book that I have on my shelves as of right now--March 20, 2012--no fair adding any books. Suppose I should make an inventory. ;) Or get rid of the books that I don't really want to read. Good chance to purge. (Created list--got rid of some books and have no idea which ones!)  Got rid of a lot of books when I did the 40 bags in 40 days challenge.
13Be able to sew a collar on.
14. Be able to sew a zipper in.
15. Be able to sew button holes.
16. Get at least 10 more states with my hubby. (N. Carolina, S. Carolina (2012), Alabama, Kentucky, Georgia (2014) Nevada (2017) 4 to go!
17. Go on another cruise. Family Cruise to Bahamas in 2013.
18. Have a successful garden.---Update 2017---Hahahahahaha!  

19. Make homemade Mozzarella (bought the Citric acid--need to get on it!) Didn't work!Not trying again.
20. Go to New York City alone with my hubby.
21. Make a quilt. (Bought a mat & rotary cutter)
22. Use a Chainsaw.  Hubby helped me cut one piece from a downed tree - November 2017
23. Become more proficient in a foreign language.
24. Cook every recipe in one of my cookbooks--I'm thinking Giada or maybe one of my vegetarian.
25. Go on the Toboggan chutes.  January 2016.
26. Go away for a weekend alone with my daughter.
27. Go away for a weekend alone with my son.
28. Go for a girl's weekend with my sister and mom (& aunt & grandma? & cousin?).
29. Weekend with my BFFs that I rarely get to see.
30. Do the bike and ride on the Cuyahoga Valley Railway (obviously the kids have to learn how to ride their                  bikes first!) Both kids can ride their bikes now!! Did it in August 2014 & 2015!
31. Plant Tulips
32. Eat Sushi
33. Try the violin
34. Make homemade bagels
35. Play laser-tag

36. Go to a pottery class
37. Try to make something with rhubarb
38. Do something I wouldn't normally do b/c of my fear of heights-Rock Climbing! Climbed the wall at Warrior Dash!
39. Buy a matching bedroom furniture set
40. Go without kids to Chuck E Cheese and spend $10 on skeeball October 2017
41. Go camping  June 2016
42. Do a split.
43. Go skiing.
44. Clear up the crazy toenail that happened when I was pregnant with my son. 
45. Go to a hockey game.
46. See a scary movie with my hubby and cuddle up with him. Paranormal Activity 4
47. MOVED to 60 before Sixty --->>Take the kids to a Florida State Football game.  NEW GOAL ~~ Go Pescatarian for a month.
48. Learn to knit.
49. MOVED to 60 before Sixty--->> Go for a spa weekend.
50. Go to a blogging conference.

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